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Grodno city

15 hours

Grodno city (275 km from Minsk). The first mentioning of Grodno appeared in 1128 A.D. Grodno is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. It was founded in the 11-th century on the picturesque hilly banks of the Neman River. The city takes the first place among Belarusian towns in perseverance of its monuments. Unique relics and monuments of almost all periods of the human history (beginning from the 12-th century), evidencing the Belarusian people's high culture and great skill, survived in Grodno: the orthodox Church of St. Boris and Gleb (It's only one church in Belarus, kept from the 12-th century); the Old Castle (an architectural and historical monument of the 16-th century); the New Castle (a historical monument of the 18-th century); catholic churches and cloisters of the 17-18th centuries. The Old Town is one of the most interesting sights of Grodno, where nearly whole city quarters carry architectural styles of different epochs. There are 300 000 inhabitants in Grodno. The city has The Drama Theatre, Puppet-Show; The Historical - Archaeological Museum, The Museum of the History of Religion, famous for the unique exhibits; where animals from almost all corners of the Earth found home; The State University, 7 institutes, 2 picture-galleries.

Grodno city Grodno city Grodno city Grodno city

Grodno city Grodno city Grodno city