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Naroch region. National Park "Narochanski"

12 hours

Naroch region. National Park "Narochanski" (170 km from Minsk). The Narochansky land is famous for lake Naroch, a pearl of the Belarusian nature, and the most picturesque Blue Lakes. This land also means quiet rustle of pine forests and the largest recreational and resort complex in the country. The beauty of the Naroch, wonderful woods and soft climate were the main reasons for estab¬lishing of a great recreational centre at the lake's shores. Nowadays there are 18 sanatoriums and rest-homes here. The newest National Park "Narochansky" was established in 1999 to preserve the natural ecological complexes of this land. The total area of the park is 94 thousand hectares, 37.9 thousand of which are covered with forests. There are 42 lakes covering 18.3 thousand hectares here. The Naroch land has the largest number of pinewoods in the country. The area is famous for its mineral waters, too. Numerous monu¬ments of Belarusian architecture, culture and history are situated on the territory of the park, and its incomparable landscapes and unique natural systems in the area of the Blue lakes has long ago made this land famous for nature-studying tourism.

Naroch region. National Park Narochanski Naroch region. National Park Narochanski Naroch region. National Park Narochanski