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Biosphere Reserve “Berezinsky”

8 hours

Biosphere Reserve “Berezinsky” (in the north of the country in 120 km from Minsk). Boundless forests, deep rivers, and beautiful lakes have existed here for thousand years. The reserve, set up in 1925, is a unique place in the world with no analogues in Europe (approved by UNESCO in 1979). Until now its territory of 82000 hectares has untouched corners of nature, with one of the largest marsh tracts in Europe. It’s famous for its natural variety. The reserve is an ideal place for living for multiple species of animals and birds. It is inhabited with 52 types of mammals, 217 types of birds, 10 types of amphibians, 5 types of reptiles and 34 types of fish. The flora is also diverse, the number of flower plants only exceeds 780 types. The river Berezina flows for of 110 km in the reserve. There are also a lot of big and small rivers and lakes here. You will have a chance to visit the Nature museum and open-air cages with wild animals, investigate natural environment while hiking on an ecological route (4 km), enjoy boat riding along Berezina waterway - part of the former waterway from the Scandinavian countries to the Old Greece, "from the Vikings to the Greeks" as we call this route. Lakes on the route are good for fishing. If you go in for fishing you can try your luck.

Biosphere Reserve Berezensky Biosphere Reserve Berezensky Biosphere Reserve Berezensky
Biosphere Reserve Berezensky