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Visa formalities

To obtain a visa the following documents should be submitted to the Consulate of the Republic of Belarus abroad:

  1. A valid original passport (not a copy) with at least one blank page available for a visa.
  2. A completed Visa Application Form.
  3. A passport-size photograph.
  4. A letter of invitation. All applications for a Belarusian entry visa must be accompanied by an invitation (type and form of invitation depend on the type of visa requested; see below):

For a VISITOR visa (private visits):

An original invitation (not a copy) must be obtained from the local Citizenship & Migration Department Office of the Ministry of Interior of Belarus (Passport & Visa Office).

An invitation may also be submitted by a Belarusian citizen on a temporary visit. The invitation must be notarized at the Consulate of Belarus in person.

For a BUSINESS visa:

A letter of invitation (original or faxed) from an officially registered agency, company or Entity in the Republic of Belarus.

A letter of invitation must be printed on the official letterhead with a registration number, a signature of the head of the company as well as a corporate seal. It should also indicate the expected duration of your stay in Belarus.

An inviting party must provide written guarantees that an invitee will abide by the rules and regulations applied to foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus.

For a TOURIST visa:

A copy of the tourist voucher and a copy of the confirmation from a Belarusian travel agency. The host must be officially registered as a tourist operator and its license number included in the confirmation.

For a TRANSIT visa:

A visa (or copy) for the country you are travelling from/to via Belarus. If you travel to countries with no entry visa requirements copy of the ticket, itinerary from your travel agency or any other document confirming your trip to the country of destination.

Please note that visas already granted cannot be changed or extended by the Consulate.

If the applicant's travel arrangements to Belarus change once the visa has been granted, he/she should reapply for a new visa and pay a full consular fee. The previous visa becomes void.

Effective October 1, 2000, medical insurance coverage is required for all foreign citizens travelling to the Republic of Belarus.

There is a consular office at the Minsk National Airport. Normally, the office issues visas to foreign visitors from the countries where there are no Belarusian consular offices. However, it may also issue visas to the citizens of the states where the offices do exist.

Obtaining Visas at the National Airport "Minsk"

There is a consular office at the National airport Minsk. Normally the office issues visas to foreign visitors from the countries where there is no Belarusian consular offices. However, it does also issue visas to the citizens of the states where there are Belarusian visa offices.
To obtain a visa foreign traveller has to present an original invitation of the Belarusian inviting party. The inviting party may be a Belarusian company; a resident of Belarus (in this case the invitation has to be registered with Belarusian citizenship and migration offices); and a licensed tourist company. In the first case (company) a business visa is issued, in the second case (individual) - a visitors visa, and in the third case (tourist company) - a tourist visa is issued.

To obtain a transit visa a visitor needs to have a visa of the country of his destination. If a visa for the destination country is not needed, other proofs of the destination may me accepted.

The following tariffs are used to issue visas to foreign visitors at the National Airport "Minsk" per person:

Consular Tariff in USD for Visas for Citizens of:
States with Belarusian Consular offices
 States without Belarusian Consular offices
Latvia,Lithuania, Estonia
Visitors' single entry/multiple entry
Tourist single entry/double entry
Transit single entry/multiple entry
Group visa (normally, 10 persons and over), per person

This tariff is applied to the US citizens regardless of their country of residence. When issuing visitors', tourist and transit visas to the US citizens under 16 years of age the cost of visa is US$ 100, according to the reciprocity principle.